Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, June 23

1:30 p.m. -
4:00 p.m.

Application of Different Biophysical Techniques to Enable Lead Discovery and Validation

A major challenge in small molecule drug discovery is to identify and validate tractable  lead series compounds that can be further optimized through medicinal chemistry efforts. Join this workshop to understand how to leverage different biophysical tools to enable the steps involved in lead identification, validation and optimization process:

Key topics for this workshop will include:

  • Lead identification: fragments vs conventional HTS or DEL
  • Lead validations: biophysical tools for orthogonal validations
  • Target engagement: biophysical assays for cellular target engagements
  • Drugging the ‘undruggable’: biophysical tools for challenging PPI targets
  • Covalent vs. non-covalent approach: pros and cons

Workshop Leader:

Anup Upadhyay
Principal Research
Scientist I

Dr. Upadhyay is a Principal Research Scientist in the protein biochemistry group at AbbVie with over 20 years of experience in various protein biochemistry and biophysical techniques. His role at AbbVie involves purification of different small molecule protein targets and biophysical characterizations of different protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions to enable lead identification, validation as well as Structure and Fragment Based Drug Discovery. He did his Ph.D. in biophysics from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and Post-Doctoral research at the
Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta studying structural and functional properties of various epigenetic and membrane protein targets.