Nir London

Nir London

Company: The Weizmann Institute of Science

Job title: Senior Scientist


Dr. Nir London completed his BSc magna cum laude in 2006 and his MSc in 2007, both in computer science and computational biology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He completed his PhD in computational structural biology in 2011. He joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco, as an EMBO post-doc fellow starting in 2012, and joined the Weizmann Institute as a senior scientist in 2015.

Dr. London’s lab is focused on covalent chemical biology and drug discovery and has developed several technologies for the design of covalent inhibitors. These include DOCKovalent, one of the first methods for covalent virtual screening. Electrophile fragment screening, generation of covalent analogs for known reversible ligands and the design of electrophilic peptides.

His honors include the Chorev Award by the Israeli Chemical Society, the Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation Award, a postdoctoral award from the Program for Breakthrough Biomedical Research. Most recently he also received the Alon fellowship, an award of excellence from the Israel Cancer Association and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation – AACR Career Development Award for Translational Breast Cancer Research. Recently Dr. London was selected for the IUPAC periodic table of young chemists.


Discussion/Q&A 10:10 am

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day: Day One

Covalent Inhibitor Discovery by Electrophile Fragment Screening 9:20 am

Presenting an electrophilic fragment screening approach that can be applied to a wide range of targets Discussing a high-throughput reactivity assay and cumulative screening data against a large panel of targets allows us to focus on recognition-based hits, and eliminate promiscuous compounds with high reactivity In combination with high-throughput crystallography, this approach enabled us to…Read more

day: Day One

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