Dave Wustrow

Dave Wustrow

Company: RAPT Therapeutics

Job title: SVP of Discovery & Pre-Clinical Development


David joined RAPT Therapeutics in 2016 bringing more than 20 years of drug discovery experience. He previously led chemistry efforts at Cleave Biosciences directed towards the discovery and development of first in class agents for the treatments of solid and hematologic malignancies. Previously he directed chemistry efforts at Xenoport, Neurogen and Pfizer.


Discussion/Q&A 12:10 pm

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day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Exploiting Recent Advances in Small Molecule Drug Discovery to Expand the Accessible Druggable Space 1:30 pm

What do we now mean by undruggable targets? In the context of the undruggable space, how do we collaborate as a scientific community to seize on the emerging opportunities that exist within this field? Where will the next breakthroughs come from in the quest to drug the undruggable?Read more

day: Day Two

Leveraging Structure Based Design with Computational Chemistry to Discover Novel USP7 Inhibitors with Enhanced Potency 11:30 am

The deubiquitinase USP7 is a key regulator of oncogenic driver proteins To date, published USP7 inhibitors have suffered from modest potency and/or poor PK Insights gained from structure-based design enhanced with advanced computational chemistry facilitated the discovery of highly potent USP7 inhibitors that show promising activity in anti-tumor modelsRead more

day: Day Two

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