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The Undruggable Series inspires attendees to share, learn, and collaborate around the significant progress global researchers are making to better understand, target, and drug the promising biomacromolecules that have been traditionally very challenging to treat therapeutically. MilliporeSigma has found these events to be an excellent platform to forge new relationships with researchers and companies working toward similar, impactful goals.

Kaelyn Wilke, PhD
Product Manager - Emerging Chemical Synthesis
Millipore Sigma

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Promega is pleased to support the Undruggable Series, an important set of events for the sharing of new ideas, new conversations and new research tools.  Small molecule drug discovery is undergoing a broad resurgence as novel chemical approaches become more routine through such scientific interactions. We are pleased to collaborate by introducing leading tools and technologies.

Neal Cosby
Global Commercialization & Biotechnology Marketing Manager

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