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2019 Partners



Expertise Partner

We share your passion for science. Promega is committed to excellence in technologies to assess key processes in PROTAC-induced protein degradation: compound binding and permeability, ternary complex formation, ubiquitination, and trafficking to proteasome. Assay live cells in kinetic mode to determine target protein degradation rates, DC50 potency values, and recovery profiles. Let’s collaborate.

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AnalytiCon Discovery

Exhibition Partner

AnalytiCon Discovery offers a complete Natural Product (NP) drug discovery solution, ranging from biomaterial acquisition, extraction, fermentation and screening to computational and medicinal chemistry, delivering NP-libraries with fully elucidated structures. AnalytiCon’s programs and collections of pure NPs (MEGAboliteÒ) as well as of semisynthetic NP-analogues (NatDiverseÔ) enable HT-screening of NPs.

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Exhibitor Partner

MilliporeSigma provides the reagents and kits used by researchers at the forefront of Life Science research to advance Drug Discovery. To accelerate discovery in traditionally "undruggable" spaces, our Sigma-Aldrich portfolio for chemical synthesis now includes tools tailored for biological applications: Partial PROTACs for targeted protein degradation, building blocks for bioconjugation and covalent target modification, and an off-the-shelf DNA-encoded library for improved access to this novel screening platform.



Event Partner

Biodesy has developed a unique technology to detect structural changes in biological molecules, based on a phenomenon called second-harmonic generation (SHG), with applications in drug discovery and structural biology. Our sensitive, mass-independent platform can detect even weak affinity interactions, enabling a variety of approaches for challenging targets, from RNA to large protein complexes. In addition to our flagship product, the Delta™, we provide access to the technology through services to accomplish defined deliverables.