About 2nd Proteome- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit

Accelerating Small Molecule Drug Discovery Programs By Uniting Experts From Throughout Industry To Target The Entire Proteome

Why should you attend the 2nd Proteome-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit?

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Utilize next-generation chemical biology platforms for novel target target identification with insights from Biogen, Merck & AstraZeneca

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Expand the druggable proteome through next-generation screening platforms, with insight from GSK, PhoreMost & Ribon Therapeutics

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Leverage innovative chemical probes to accelerate fragment-based lead generation, with insights from Novartis The Weizmann Institute of Science

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Harness structure-based computational technologies to successfully target protein-protein interactions, with insights from RAPT Therapeutics 

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Give rise to novel therapeutic modalities to drug the undruggable, with insights from Silicon Therapeutics & AbbVie