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Why Attend the Proteome- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019?

At the Proteome- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019, join 80+ senior decision makers of the field over a 3-day impactful conference, 20+ data-driven case studies, 2 workshops & 6+ dedicated hours of networking to discuss and advance identification, validation and accessing previously “undruggable” and highly desirable protein targets, whilst improving the rational design & translation of next generation small molecules.


View the 2019 full event guide to find out more.


At the Proteome- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019 attendees:

  • Benchmarked against the latest understanding of the undruggable field, its current trends, challenges & opportunities with insights from Foghorn Therapeutics, Carmot Therapeutics & Dana- Farber Cancer Institute
  • Widened our expertise on identification, validation & successful targeting of highly desirable proteome targets with insights from AstraZeneca, Novartis & Emory University School of Medicine
  • Overcame chemistry & pharmacology hurdles of rational small molecule design with insights from Kymera Therapeutics, University of Virginia, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research
  • Learnt how to enable their target discovery and successful drugging of them through novel enabling technologies with insights from PhoreMost Ltd, University of California, Berkeley & Koh Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT
  • Joined the momentum to re-define the rules of small molecule to drug the entire proteome once and for all by overcoming translational challenges and developing robust clinical programs with insights from Amgen, Forma Therapeutics & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


View the 2019 full event guide to find out more.