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*The 2019 edition of this event has now run. Thanks to all the participants!*

Successfully Harness Novel Approaches, such as Dub Inhibitors, PPI & Fragment-Based Discovery to Identify & Access Newly Validated Protein Targets

Improve the Rational Design & Translation of Next Generation Small Molecules to Successfully Drug Highly Desirable, Yet Difficult to Reach "Undruggable" Targets

As the renaissance in small molecule drug discovery continues and with over 80% of the proteome waiting to be drugged, the inaugural Proteome- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019 has been founded with the sole purpose to help biopharma drug developers and academic research institutes finally overcome the "undruggable" nature of hard to reach, yet immensely desirable proteome targets.

Join 80+ senior decision makers from large pharma, innovative biotech and KOLs of academia as they come together for the first time to reverse the “Undruggable” nature of highly desirable targets such as RAS & MYC  and improve the rational drug design of next generation small molecules to translate these drug discovery opportunities into a successful clinical reality.

Download the full event guide here to view the complete 2019 agenda and speakers. Register your interest here for 2020. 


“This meeting is set out to explore a particularly exciting area of drug discovery and given the excellent line-up I hope to gather interesting insights, feedback and new ideas that can ultimately move us closer to systematically drugging the undruggable”

Markus Muellner, CTO, PhoreMost Ltd

“I look forward to hear and discuss about novel approaches to well validated and highly desirable yet difficult or undruggable drug targets”

Xin Huang, Head of Structural Biology, Amgen